My now one year-old baby, has been blessed with 8 teeth before turning 1, and is having right now 4 teeth coming through SIMULTANEOUSLY. Although I love his little smile and monster teeth, teething can be a challenge.

We know teeth are coming mainly because of the following 3 signs:

1) Droooooolling everywhere - and I mean everywhere. My baby has always been a drooler, but when teeth are on the horizon the drooling gets out of control.

2) Chewing everything - and sort of the same line as above, my son tends to draw objects to his mouth, but when a tooth is coming, even my hand is a chewing toy for him.

3) Easily irritable, yeah, teething often brings some discomfort and consequently a bit of a bad mood in my son otherwise happy son, unfortunately.

So when the above signs present I know we are gonna get a new tooth. These are some of the things I do to help him:

1) Teething toys - we keep them cool in the refrigerator overnight. Buy a few so you can alternate between them throughout the day, wash, cool, and repeat.

2) Teething biscuits - our son loves these. I make them for him exclusively when he is teething and it removes his irritability quite fast. But the ingredients are super natural and healthy, so these can be eaten at any point in time. I found a easy and healthy recipe at I am linking it here.

3) Rubbing his gums with a gauze. This provides instant relief but unfortunately its temporary, unless I spend my entire day doing that.

4) Teething gel. If all else fails, this will surely help. We use J&J natural teething gel, and Mommy's bliss little gums, both are based on chamomile, and do not use any sweeteners. There are plenty of gels out there though, so I recommend you do some investigation but try to avoid the ones containing benzocaine as those can be potentially dangerous.

We have never use medicine on our son for teething, but if your baby seems to need it, talk to your doctor to see if some Paracetamol could do the trick,

We will get through this mammas!

Wishing you the best of luck <3




April 07, 2021 — Nathalie EB

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