Welcome to Piccoli&Co we are a family business that offers a handpicked range of classic, exquisite, and traditional baby clothes -with a modern twist- which we carefully procure from artisans and brands with decades of experience in the manufacturing of childrenwear.

We focus on both design and quality and are extremely picky when we choose the suppliers we work with. Therefore, the clothes we sell are meant to be “heirloom pieces” that can be passed through generations. Our motto when sourcing clothes can be summed up in the spanish saying: ''de lo bueno, lo mejor'', which translates to: ''of all the good things, the best''. Don’t we all want the best for our babies after all?

Piccoli&Co, is our dream and passion, and we like to say is our second baby. To give you a bit of background; Piccoli came to exist when we became new parents. When our son was born in 2020 we identified a gap in the market for traditional, classic, yet beautiful baby clothes without a Dinosaur print 😅. We also noticed the ratio was very unbalanced when it came to boys vs. girls clothes.

These are a few reasons why we decided to launch Piccoli&Co with our first born son as our main source of inspiration. Since our launch in October of 2020, we have added a new member of the family that alongside with Piccoli's mission keeps us up at night. 

Our mission is simple “To dress babies as babies but in a beautiful, classic yet modern, and refined way”.

Since our creation we have managed to deliver orders on a relatively low amount of time to all 5 continents of the world. We do offer expedited shipping options to all countries with which your order will be in your hands within 7 days.

At the moment I am writing this we sell clothes for ages Newborn-6 years.

We moved our HQ from Stockholm, Sweden to Florida, US, from where we are now shipping.

We are truly SO glad you are here, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome to our family ❤️

All the best,

The Piccoli&Co fam