Blessing Cross Bracelet Pearls


The Blessing Bracelet with Pearls is a beautiful and delicate adjustable bracelet with AAA pearls, and a cross made of metal alloy details with 18k gold plating.


  • Pearl bracelet, with jade blush and a fine adjustable cord
  • AAA culative pearls
  • The cross is made of fine alloy of metals with 18k gold plated


How to care for it:

1) Avoid contact with any alcohol content or derivative
2) Do not do sports activities with jewelry. (avoid sweat contact)
3) Avoid contact of the jewel with cosmetic or household products that could damage its color. Like: hairspray, perfumes, shampoos, etc.
4) To clean jewelry you should use warm water and PH neutral soap.
5) Store the jewelry individually in its original case for proper conservation.