George Luxe Butterfly Knitted Light Blue 4-pc set


Exquisite unisex 4-piece knitted set in a light blue color, handmade in Spain. The details of this set are absolutely stunning. It comes with booties, a matching bonnet, bloomers, and the gorgeous top with beautiful details.

OBS: Size zero comes with dots, size 1 and up with butterflies on the white fabric (as picture 2)

Artisanally made in Spain 

Size Chart according to the Artisans:

  • Size 0 - Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Size 1M - Weight: 4 kg
  • Size 3M - Weight 5.5 kg
  • Size 6M - Weight 7 kg
  • Size 9M - Weight 8 kg
  • Size 12M - Weight 9.5 kg 
  • Size 18M - Weight 11 kg 
  • Size 24M - Weight 12.5 kg


100% cotton 

Care instructions:

Handwash with cold water and lay flat to dry.

Do not use tumble dryer

Iron at low temperature